The Ultimate Outdoor Antenna Solution
  • Magwa
    The Ultimate Outdoor Antenna Solution
    Support for digital TV
    Ultra Power Saving
    USB Power Invert Technology
    Crystal Clear Pictures
  • Excellent
    TV Reception
    Watch all your favourite TV programs without any interruption

Welcome to MAGWA Antenna

The Ultimate Outdoor Antenna Solution

MAGWA Antenna is a TV Antenna which has a high gain built in booster to improve TV signals.

The Antenna ensures the quality of the picture maintaining smooth signal reception to your television. MAGWA provides crystal clear quality pictures island wide and specially designed for all tv types such as CRT, LCD, LED and Android televisions also it is compatible with combo tv boxes, PC tv cards and laptops being the ultimate outdoor antenna solution.

  • Digital & HD Ready
  • Ultra Power Saving
  • USB technology
  • Crystal Clear Pictures
  • SMD technology
  • Easy to maintain

Antenna Tips

Our antenna tips to help you get the most channels with your outdoor antenna

What Our Clients Say About Us

The number of local channels will be different due to certain circumstances such as Signal strength, The area, weather condition, TV type etc.. Please follow the guidelines that we have published on website when you set up the antenna in order to ensure excellent TV reception..